Influencer Marketing

Propelling brands through powerful people.


Building brand trust can be tricky business, especially since today’s savvy consumers seek validation not from brands themselves, but from third-party reviews and testimonies.

Tiered Influencer Approach - In order to effectively increase brand exposure, grow brand affinity and maximize influencer marketing budgets, we leverage a tiered influencer relations approach. By combining the use of micro, mid-tier and macro-influencers, we’re able to reach a broader range of engaged consumers within the target audience, prioritize a variety of content executions and build relationships at each level of the influencer marketing pyramid.

Brand Ambassadors - The time of one-off, impactful influencer engagements for brands is over. Instead, brands should focus on cultivating deep relationships with influencers. By making influencer partners long-term brand ambassadors, lasting brand affinity can be built among influencers and their followers, which leads to value-add content, authentic product reviews and, ultimately, increased ROI.

Content Extensions - Despite relying on third-parties to share brand messages, influencer marketing should be closely aligned with all communication efforts your brand has in place in order to be impactful. That being said, influencers should also be leveraged for more than social posts encouraging followers to purchase their product. By repurposing influencer content on organic social, paid social, earned media and digital, brands can extend the impact of influencer created assets while creating cohesive messaging between brand- and influencer-created content.

Our Expertise

Breakdown of what we do.

  • Influencer Strategy & Planning
  • Outreach & Communication
  • Relationship Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Influencer Briefing Materials Development
  • Influencer Marketing Audit & Competitor Analysis
  • Influencer Messaging Development
  • Contracting & Negotiations
  • In-Person/Event Appearance Management

Our Clients

  • Hyvec Group
  • Sarako
  • Phoenix Bev
  • godaddy
  • Indigo
  • Alpha Group
  • Sea Resorts Hotels
  • TEWF
  • 7 Cascades
  • Fleet Pro
  • Universal Mauritius
  • Saffron Grill
  • Dexio
  • Deco Fete
  • GBTT
  • Indo Pacific
  • Pioneer
  • Ram Trading




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